• Resin cedar 30% (real)

On natural cedar oil or balsam turpentine for internal use - 10%, external - 30%.

COMPOSITION: Turpentine balsam “Resin in cedar oil” contains 30% of purified cedar turpentine dissolved in natural cedar oil .. Collected and processed according to technology based on old recipes.

Since ancient times ‘Siberian cedar gum has been considered a very valuable product and has been used by traditional healers in the treatment of various diseases. The fire from the burning of cedar resin has always been considered sacred, casting out evil spirits. It was cedar resin that used to make incense. When it was collected, the ancients never made the so-called tapping. It was believed that if you harm a tree, it will not give you all the life-giving power that you can give. Therefore, people took from nature only what she gave herself. Siberian cedar resin is a unique gift of nature, the range and strength of which impact on the human body is difficult to overestimate. It powerfully strengthens and activates in the human body, the processes of regeneration and self-healing at the cellular level (which gives the effect of rejuvenation) has a strong antiseptic effect (which allows you to cope with most viruses). With its help you can get rid of:

- colds,

- diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,

- bronchopulmonary and ENT diseases,

- diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems,

- skin and dental diseases,

- diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system, etc.

It was established that with the help of the resin the human chromosome row is restored, purification and rejuvenation occur at the cellular level. To live a long and active life will help, held annually "Siberian cleaning."


 Individual intolerance.

 MANDATORY CONDITIONS (in case of treatment with preparations based on cedar turpentine)

Before you begin treatment, you need to check yourself for susceptibility to allergies. In particular, this may be manifested by reddening of the skin at the site of application. For this, it is necessary to drop and rub 3 - 5 drops of the drug on the back of the arm, on the chest or on the leg. If red spots do not appear in the rubbing place the next day, you can proceed to treatment. Store in a dry, dark, cool place. Shelf life is 12 months. Shake well before use.


“Siberian cleaning” (Consult a doctor!)

This unique system of cleansing the body, many years ago, was told to a woman by a Siberian shaman. She said "if you do it every year, you will never grow old." As far as this is true, it is still difficult for us to judge. But we can tell about what happens in the human body in the process of cleansing. During cleansing, the liver is cleared, the blood vessels become more elastic, due to which the regulation of blood pressure is restored in many, joint pains disappear. Cholecystitis, colitis, enterocolitis, hepatitis, gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and intestines are cured, intestinal microflora is restored, metabolism is regulated, the overall tone is increased and energy of the person is increased.

"Siberian cleaning" is very simple. It does not suit, as a rule, stressful situations for the body. But gently and slowly includes the process of purification and recovery at the cellular level. As a result of cleansing, the chromosome row begins to recover in a person. Such a deep effect is very rarely achieved with the help of complex special homeopathic healing systems. When you start to drink cedar resin, first of all you have increased immunity, as turpentine is a powerful antiseptic. The blood content of phagocytes increases, which destroy viruses and foreign pathogenic bodies. That is, we get rid of many pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites. As a result, the energy potential that previously provided the life of these bacteria and parasites is released. All glands and organs of our organism begin to work more intensively, with higher quality and more efficiently. Then begins the regeneration of cells of all tissues of the body, that is, cleansing from everything old, from slags, from which cells could not get rid of before. At this point, perhaps the exacerbation of some old disease. Here you have to feel yourself, if it becomes very bad, then you need to stop cleaning and after a couple of months you can start anew. The second time cleaning, as a rule, is much easier.

There is one caveat - the effectiveness of cleansing depends on what you eat during it (it is advisable to eat more fresh, raw plant food, and reduce, and it is better to completely eliminate the use of animal, killed food). Cells, discarding slags should receive back healthy clean material for restoration, and new construction. But even if you cannot deny yourself something, “Siberian cleansing” will still bring great benefits to your health.

For cleaning you will need

syringe without needle for 2 or 5 ml. (as a dispenser, it should be such that the minimum division on it is not more than 0.2 ml.) and 320 ml. ten percent of the resin. On the first day of cleansing, in the morning on an empty stomach drink 0.2 ml. drug, then you do not need to drink, pi eat 30 minutes. If you do not tolerate a bitter taste, then you can drink water. But it is better to just go and brush your teeth. The next day, drink 0.4 ml., On the third 0.6 ml. and so every day you add 0.2 ml. On the fortieth day you will reach 8 ml. From the next day you begin to reduce the dose, just 0.2 ml. per day, in general, the cleaning lasts 79 days. In the first 40 days, you gradually reach a new energy level, at this time, the memory of your cells is revealed and restored, recovery processes are activated at a very deep level, at the DNA level. The next 40 days you are fixed at this level, usually at this time a person feels the effect of cleansing, in different people, it manifests itself in different ways. We wish you health and happiness. MASSAGE It is used for all types of massage (classical, segmental-reflex, cosmetic, tissue-related, colon-massage, intrauterine) and for skin care of the face. The use of gum during massage enhances the regeneration processes i. The overall effect of the massage helps to relieve fatigue, increase vitality and efficiency. Application to the skin for cosmetic purposes, gives it elasticity, helps to eliminate fine wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, has a vitaminizing and anti-aging effect. With a cosmetic massage of the face, neck, chest, neck area, the muscles of the face and neck are tightened. To avoid dry skin after taking a bath, it is enough to drop only three drops of gum of angina into it before taking it. Drop 5-6 drops of gum on the tonsils or fluff the tonsils wrapped on the stick with cotton wool soaked in the preparation. The procedure is repeated every 5-6 hours. At the first signs of the disease, rub the drug outside into the tonsils. You can make a compress for 15 - 20 minutes. PROSTATITIS AND Adenoma Enter into the rectum a wick of bandage or cotton moistened with the preparation (so as not to drip), leave it up to the chair. Rub into the crotch area, take pine baths. The course is 40-50 days, can be repeated in 3 to 4 months. Microclysters with sap are effective. ORZ. On the index finger, apply a few drops of the preparation to rub against the skin of the nose, in the submandibular and occipital areas, where a large number of biologically active points are concentrated. Massaging has not only a healing, but also a prophylactic effect. After some time, repeat the procedure. At the same time, 2 to 3 drops of the drug, previously diluted with vegetable oil from the ratio 3 / 1.GRIPP, should be instilled into the nose. For prevention, during the epidemic, 2 to 4 times during the day, instill 3-5 drops of the drug into the mouth. In the case of the disease, it is good to rub the chest, back, legs, hands, especially paying attention to biologically active points along the nose outside, under the nose. Repeat the procedure every 5 to 6 hours, i.e. 4 times a day. DISEASES OF THE LUNG AND UPPER DYHATS. WAYS In chronic diseases, daily rubbing of the back and chest should be done. At the same time, 2 times a day, take the drug inwards in 5 to 30 drops, determining an individual dosage. DENTAL DISEASES In case of toothache, apply a few drops of the drug to a bandage and attach it to the site of inflammation. Hold 20 - 25 minutes. Then move the tampon to a new place in the patient's tooth and hold for up to half an hour. Do the same with the tooth on the other side. A few hours later. Periodontal disease I and II degree, periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis. The course of treatment is as follows: drip 4-5 drops of the drug onto the toothbrush and massage the upper gum. Then, adding 2-3 drops, massage the lower gum. Then massage the upper and lower gums from the inside. The procedure is repeated 2 times a day. Within 5 - 6 months. In the treatment of periodontal disease, you should additionally make applications of the 1: 1 preparation mixture with sea buckthorn oil 1 time per day for 20-25 minutes. For the prevention of dental disease, it is enough, before applying toothpaste on a brush, to drip 2-3 drops of gum on it and brush your teeth. BURNS Saturate a bandage with a balm and attach to the site of the burn, or simply rub in the burn and leave it open. Change dressings as usual. When sunburn should immediately wipe the skin with a mixture that will eliminate the appearance of blisters and painful manifestations. In case of scalding with boiling water, lubricate the injured area with a clean preparation, which will also prevent blistering. MOTORING EXZEMA Lubricate the affected areas of the body 2 times a day, while taking inside 3 times a day 15-30 drops. TROPHIC ULCERS Prepare wicks from deep cotton wool or pieces of gauze, soak them with the preparation and insert as deep as possible so that the healing process starts, first of all, from the depths. As healed

Wickings are placed closer to the surface. At the same time taking the inside 3 times a day for 15-30 drops. FURUNKUL, CARBUNCLE, PANARITIES At the first signs of a disease, put a compress on this place (moisten a piece of bandage with the preparation, put it on the nidus, cover it with compress paper, tie it up) for a period of 1 - 2 days. In the early stages of the disease, one procedure is enough to stop the development of the boil, and slow down the carbuncle and felon. HERPES Without waiting for the seal to come to the surface of the lip, apply the preparation to the place of the resulting seal. After a few hours, repeat the procedure. If the cases are not running, then the seal is absorbed without causing a sore. DRY EXZEMA AND STREPTODERMIA Prepare an ointment consisting of half of the balm, half of the medical grease, which is taken as a fatty basis. Lubricate the affected skin 2 times a day. At the same time take the sap inside, three times a day for 15 - 30 drops. The course of treatment to continue for at least 20 days. MASTITES To rub against the focus of the disease. Then apply a compress from a balm. At the same time take the sap inside, three times a day for 15 - 30 drops. The duration of treatment is at least 2-3 months. Cracks in the nipples are treated by smearing them with balsam. VASCULAR DYSTOPIA AND ENDOARTHERITIS. Taking the balsam inside 3 times a day, 15 drops. 2-3 hours after the evening reception, rub the patient's limbs with the preparation. The duration of treatment for multiple sclerosis and endarteritis is at least 2 - 3 months. The positive effect is fixed 2-week courses in the spring and autumn. When vascular dystonia of the hands to produce daily rubbing. Strengthening the therapeutic effect gives in combination with pine baths. JOINTS, POLIARTHRITIS Daily, intensive massage-rubbing balm in the area of ​​affected joints and taking the drug inside give a powerful healing effect. The effect becomes even stronger if you add crushed coffee grinder to the balm prepared for rubbing, approximately in the ratio of a teaspoon with a 100 ml slide. sap But salt may cause irritation of the skin in the area of ​​rubbing, for this you first need to try a one-time rubbing with salt and if there is no irritation, then continue. Inwardly to use not salty sap in the morning on an empty stomach with 15 drops. BREAST - Soak a tampon with a balm and put it in the vagina overnight (daily until symptoms disappear). HEMMOROSH Soak a tampon of bandage or cotton with a balm, insert it into the anus. External nodes to massage the finger dipped in the resin. Microclysters are effective with sap. OSTEOHONDROZ, RADICULIT. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, conduct massage courses with cedar turpentine for 12-15 sessions. For preventive purposes, 4 - 5 times a month to rub the drug in the steam bath after using a fir broom. When miosis, plexitis is recommended to apply a massage with the sap. INFLAMMATION OF THE TREATARY NERVE. As practice has shown, success is achieved in 50 - 60% of cases and requires re-treatment. To rub the balm with a finger along the nerve, preferably in biologically active points, 4 - 5 times a day. If the part of the nerve that passes deep in the soft tissues is inflamed, then a point compress can be applied for 15 to 20 minutes. Treatment is to be supplemented with a three-time intake of the drug. Depending on the individual characteristics, the course of treatment is from 5 to 7 days to 2 to 2.5 months. Stenocardia, arrhythmia, and tachycardia At the beginning of an attack, drip 10-15 drops into the palm of your hand and rub it into the heart region, below the nipple and to the middle of the side line to the left. As a prophylactic, supportive agent, external rubbing should be performed within a month, together with the drug intake, once a day, 15 drops. REGULATION OF BLOOD PRESSURE Clinical and experimental data have shown that the use of cedar resin helps to stabilize the pressure. Start treatment with a single dose of three drops of the drug. Gradually bring up to three times the admission of individually acceptable standards. At the age of 40 years, the course of treatment is 30 days, for people of more mature age, 45 - 50 days are required with repetition in 1-1.5 months of a 2-3 week course. DISEASES OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT With successful treatment of colitis, anacid gastritis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, enterocolitis, etc. The first 5 - 6 days of intake should be taken in 5 - 6 drops of the gum in the morning on an empty stomach 15 minutes before a meal. If there are no sharp rejection reactions in the body, the dose is increased to 10 drops with a three-time dose of 7–9, 12–13, and 18–20 hours. Duration of treatment is 30 - 35 days. 2-3 courses help to restore the intestinal microflora and get rid of dysbiosis. Not only the stomach and intestines, but also the liver, pancreas and kidneys are being healed. With increased acidity possible discomfort. For a more complete recovery Zh.K.T. It is possible to undergo a course of microclysters using a balm diluted 1: 3 with cedar oil. BALM 2-3

% CAN BE APPLIED FOR CHILDREN. To do this, add 1 part of 10% resin to 3 parts of any purified vegetable oil and stir well. A course for cleaning vessels - 3-5 drops of balm in the morning on an empty stomach, in the evening for 10 minutes, before eating on a spoonful of honey daily within 5-6 months. You can purchase a cedar sap of 30%, infused with oil of cedar nut. In order to get a 10% concentration of gum, you need to add 2 parts of unrefined oil (cedar, linseed, sunflower, etc.) to 1 part of the gum of 30% resin. My light, mirror, say ... Go to the mirror . Take a look at yourself. Honestly, openly, without hiding. Like? The vast majority - no. But why? Let's find out together why ... What do the manufacturers of cosmetics offer us today? For example, this is a night cream for the face. To apply it on the skin, you must first make a mask to clean the pores, then using a scrub or gel to remove dead skin cells, then the skin needs to be toned, and for this there is a tonic or lotion. For the skin around the eyes lifting - pads and a special cream. And this cream is for the whole day - you smear it, then - foundation and powder, blush. There is also a power spray, extra-easy peeling, ampoules, capsules ... In order to wash it all away, a whole range of tools is at your service. To look was expressive - shadows and mascara. For lips - lipstick, balm, gloss, for nails a wide range of varnishes. What else have we forgotten? Oh, yes, hair, for them - shampoo, rinse, a means for imparting volume, it is a balm for splitting ends, a regenerating mask, and it is a balm-spray for colored hair. It is also necessary to recall the body: but, by the way, almost the same as for the face, only marked “for the body”. Feet - a separate conversation: the cream - moisturizing, softening, warming ... And so on to infinity! It is clear that more and more I want to get closer to the ideal image. And somehow the idea itself appears that cosmetics is good. Of course! Cosmetics - it's all very easy and fast: once - and the lips of any color, two - and eyelashes 500% of the volume, three - and from the use of cosmetics, the first wrinkles, eye diseases, allergies to creams and a lot of other problems. Take a box of cream, varnish, lipstick, mascara, look at what it is made of - from 30 or more unfamiliar substances, which we boldly, without hesitation, impose on the most important thing in appearance - the face! Are there any natural ingredients? - A maximum of 5% of the oils of the entire composition then. Yes, sparsely ... Stop !!! Think about it, when are we real, natural? .. The great women of the past still delight us, attract us with some mystery. But in those days they did not have artificial cosmetics. Everything that they used was created from the nature around them. Each woman understands that youth is easier to preserve and extend than to return. Among the variety of cosmetic products it is very difficult to choose an individual, the most appropriate body and skin care product. Sometimes there is a sense of hopelessness from the advertising lawlessness, promises within 2 weeks to restore and smooth everything. Often they remain empty promises. A high-quality cream, worthy of attention, is not always affordable. In this regard, you should pay attention to the available funds, gifts from Siberia - cedar oil and cedar gum (cedar gum - "sap" in cedar oil). Having only these products on hand, you can provide complete skin care: its cleansing, nutrition and protection on any parts of the body. Cedar oil, turpentine slow down and prevent aging, promote deep skin regeneration, improve complexion and contour, support and restore active vital activity of the skin, returning her youth and beauty.Present your appearance is much more than all the cosmetic companies in the world with their fascinating advertising, are capable of natural cedar oil, vegetable hemp oil and other polina Saturation oils and oleoresins kedrovaya.Ego Majesty KedrSibirsky pine (Pinus sibirica) - conifer, evergreen, a mighty tree that grows only in Western and Eastern Siberia. The healing properties of Siberian cedar have been known for a very long time, therefore, almost all are used as medicinal raw materials: young shoots, needles, bark, nutshell, sawdust, etc. But the main value for a person is, of course, pine nuts and cedar oil obtained from them, essential resins (sap) and various derived products manufactured on their basis. Cedar components harmoniously contain the whole palette of natural vitamins, minerals and organic compounds of the flora. But more importantly, they give us the energy of the sun, water, air and earth. Try to calculate what the energy of cedar is, if its height reaches 40 meters, the trunk diameter is 1.5-2 meters, it lives up to 500-800 years, it starts to bear fruit from 20-70 years, and the pine cone matures for 2 years already! Siberian cedars grow in natural, undeveloped by man natural conditions, where chemical beats were never used

chemicals or toxic chemicals. And this means that all cedar components collected are environmentally friendly products. By the way, it is believed that the colder the conditions and north of the area in which the Siberian cedar grows, the more effective its healing properties. Cedar oilCinar nut oil is a unique natural product, which has no analogues in nature, and it is impossible to synthesize it. Cedar oil is an environmentally friendly, natural product. It is obtained by means of the technology of cold pressing in the matrix system of a punch of pine kernels cleared from the kernel of pine nuts, without heating and chemical reagents, which allows you to save absolutely all biologically positive properties. Cedar oil contains substances useful for the human body: vitamins A, B1, B2, E , polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, 14 amino acids, 19 essential trace elements: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, iodine, etc. The oil contains up to 5% of nitrogenous substances, 90% of them are amino acids, and 70% of them are essential amino acids. The content of vitamin E cedar oil is superior to other vegetable oils, including olive oil. Cedar nut oil has no contraindications and restrictions for use, both in food and in medical and cosmetic and cosmetic purposes. Cedar resin Siberian cedar resin has received the name sap. Having an incredible ability to heal wounds and regenerate cells, cedar sap has been considered a very valuable product since ancient times and was used by the peoples of Siberia in the treatment of various diseases. It contains 30-35% volatile substances: turpentine and its derivatives, oxygen compounds and succinic acid. The rest (65-70%) is represented by resin acids and their derivatives, resins and rezinotannolami, rubbers (indifferent substances), impurities of plant content, vitamins C and D. The female has the maximum therapeutic effect, if the gathering of the tree is not done during its collection. It is believed that if the tree is harmed, it will not give the life-giving force that it can give. Therefore, the collection of resin is carried out only with those cedars, which give their own resin. When mixed with cedar gum and cedar oil of different concentrations, the sap acquires more powerful healing properties than each component separately. Remember how Russian fairy tales describe the wonderful properties of dead and living water? Here is how A.Pushkin writes in the fairy tale "Ruslan and Lyudmila": And the old man stood above the knight, And sprinkled with dead water, And the wounds began to shine in an instant, And the corpse with wonderful beauty bloomed; then the living old man sprinkled water alive, and vigorous, full of new forces, trembling with the life of the young, Ruslan gets up, on a clear day, looks at the greedy ... If the dead water was responsible for recreating (regenerating) the structure of the body (cells), then the living water - directly revived this body ( cells). From this position, cedar oil performs a regenerating function, providing the body with all the necessary building materials. A sap (“alive”, alive) plays the role of a powerful catalyst, increasing the metabolic rate at the cellular level tenfold! So it turns out that the tale of living and dead water is not at all a fairy tale, because it finds confirmation in our life. It is used for applying, rubbing, applications, wraps, massage, lubrication, etc. The cedar bush is an effective natural antioxidant, accelerates healing , reduces intoxication (poisoning) of the body when taking chemicals. Regular use of cedar oil, restores the protective function of cells at the molecular level (!), Leads to improved cerebral and peripheral circulation. Contributes to the saturation of organs and tissues with oxygen and activates the mechanism for the birth of new cells (Linolenic acid), reduces or eliminates disorders of fat metabolism, protects the skin from the harmful effects of water and makes it elastic (Linoleic acid). For a long time, the inhabitants of Siberia and the Urals used sap cedar for the treatment of purulent wounds, cuts, burns. During World War II, it was successfully used in hospitals for the treatment of wounded soldiers. The most severe and old tissue damage, including gangrene, was treated with sap. Pieces of cloth, impregnated with resin in dilution with cedar oil, were applied to abscesses as a softening, stretching and healing agent. Using cedar resin protects the skin from aging and aging, makes it young, elastic and elastic. Especially useful for people suffering from skin diseases, increased fragility hair and nails, living and working in adverse climatic and environmental conditions, engaged in work with increased energy expenditure and excessive psycho-emotional stress. Disease Prevention only apply enough cedar oil. It is taken internally on an empty stomach, 30-60 minutes before a meal, 1-2 teaspoons. If desired, and the need to drink oil can be 3-4 times a day. There is no strict dosage, as cedar wood

Lay - natural for human food. Cedar zhivitsa (25%, 50%, and pure 100% turpentine) is used only externally! When using cedar products inwardly and externally, it is desirable to fulfill one condition: the reception should be carried out in the daytime. This is due to the fact that cedar oil, cedar resin (sap) and other derived products are considered “alive” and, interacting with the lively wakeful human body, make it possible to most effectively get rid of various diseases. Today, a large statistics on diseases that can be treatment with cedar oil "Doctor Ruzaev" and cedar sap "Doctor Ruzaev": - all types of colds; - bronchopulmonary and ENT diseases; - diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; - cardiovascular and endoc Rhin diseases; - skin and dental diseases; - diseases of the nervous system; - diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc. Doctor Ruzaev ginger and Doctor Ruzaev cedar oil are unique products whose spectrum and effect on the human body It is difficult to overestimate. General skin care Despite the outstanding protective qualities and ability to regenerate, the skin remains the most tender and vulnerable organ of our body. After all, skin, day and night, without rest, works, often being subjected to excessive loads. However, she does not always have enough of her own strength to cope with these problems. Therefore, the skin, of course, requires regular and caring care. The use of cedar gum is recommended for people with different skin types, it is perfectly absorbed into the skin and has the following effects: - perfectly softens the skin, makes it more elastic and elastic, retains its natural moisture; - promotes healing wounds and erosions on the skin and mucous membranes after injuries, burns and inflammatory processes; - soothes, relieves itching, redness and swelling after allergic manifestations on the skin; - provides excellent contact surface for massage; - gently removes surface pollutants (dust, makeup), can be used to remove makeup, especially from the areas around the eyes; Never put off your skin care for later, explaining it by lack of time and money. It is much easier and cheaper to stop the wilting process than to deal with it later. Resin cedar and cedar oil - are wonderful gifts to your skin from the Siberian nature. And, if you still can not immediately abandon your favorite cream, tonic, shampoo or facial mask, then add to your remedy 3-5 drops of 5% turpentine cedar. Another better option: check 5% Tarits “Doctor Ruzaev” on your hands, lubricating them before going to bed for a week. Practically convinced of its effectiveness, you can already completely trust him. Baths and baths Have you ever wondered why Russian beauties are always so delightful and amazing? But all because their grandparents, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers constantly bathed in rivers and lakes, in which all substances useful for their health and beauty were dissolved. This minerals, carried by springs from secret dungeons. This includes rain, bringing ozone and free oxygen from the upper atmosphere. This includes pollen, petals and inflorescences of an infinite number of different flowers and plants. These are fruits, leaves, branches and trunks of mighty trees, which for many years have absorbed a large amount of energy. Today, nothing prevents you from arranging for yourself, my beloved, exactly the same kind of bathing, even every day, getting an incredible energy return from the bath health and tons of delightful pleasure when your body begins to turn into a song of amazing beauty ... Dial a full bath of warm water (37-38 ° C). Add in it 10-15 drops of 25% resin of cedar. Mix it all over the water and lower your divine body into this artificial cedar lake. If you chill, then make the water warmer, but do not get carried away - the bath should be pleasant, comfortable, but not hot. The main thing that you were not cold. If for some reason it is impossible to take a bath, then such a bath can be made only for the feet. Only then the water must be made cooler - 34-35 ° C. Nothing prevents other salts or herbs from being used along with the sap. This will only enhance the effect. When preparing a steam bath for the face, add 1-2 drops of 5% of cedar resin into hot water. Cover your head with a thick towel and take a bath for 5-7 minutes. Be sure to close your eyes! The bath has a wonderful healing effect for insomnia, increased nervous excitability, as well as skin diseases, boils, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, acute respiratory diseases, asthma, and lung diseases. The bath tones, strengthens the heart and nervous system, helps to restore strength in recovering. Bath is used by healthy people as a means to maintain strength. AromatherapyIf good cedar oil has a very delicate, delicate, almost imperceptible smell, then

cedar gum smells ... well, yes, you guessed it, it smells like real Siberian cedar! And if we take into account that cedar oil and sap have a powerful bactericidal and antiseptic effect, then using them as a flavoring and therapeutic agent is simply irreplaceable! And if you, your family and your children will often breathe such air, then very soon your bodies will simply radiate health and no infection will bother you! Since cedar gum is “afraid” of heating, you can aromatize the air in the room in several ways. For example, you can drop 5-6 drops of 25% of cedar resin on a sponge (cloth) and hang it somewhere on a chandelier or curtain. Another option is to drop 2-3 drops of turpentine into the pool of a home air humidifier: evaporating, water particles will carry with them the smell of cedar. The third option is to drip 1-2 drops of 25% turpentine on the inside of the pillow and put a pillowcase on top - the smell will remain for a long time. Inhalation of fragrant substances relieves mental stress. Refreshing the air in the room with cedar gum, you create a microclimate favorable for the treatment (and non-admission) of diseases of the respiratory system. The course of aromatherapy improves immune reactions, the symptoms of diseases will disappear. Facial skin care Cedar oil prevents skin from losing moisture and strengthens the natural lipid barrier. Turpentine accelerates, restores the function of intercellular interaction and accelerates metabolism in them dozens of times. Both of these cedar components are perfectly absorbed by the skin without causing allergic reactions, and because of this, it can be used by children and people with sensitive skin to nourish the skin with energy, vitality and "building blocks" in the form of vitamins. The skin is restored and smoothed, it becomes soft, supple and pleasant to the touch. And on the face there is a gentle natural blush. By the way, for reference: for many who dream of the instant effect of certain drugs, turpentine balm gives the effect of pleasant warmth almost immediately, and the feeling of “new face” - after 2-3 procedures ! And note, quite naturally - without chemistry or any other artificial filth! And it is very simple to apply cedar balsam: it is enough to wash your face well and in a circular motion to rub a few drops of 5% of the resin into the skin until completely absorbed. This procedure can be done in the evening, at night. And even better in the morning, in order to provide your skin with natural protection for the whole day! Once a week, for example, on Saturday, you can make a face mask: take a tablespoon of Cedar (Linen or Sunflower) flour “Doctor Ruzaev”, add 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of 5% of turpentine and mix. Apply a small amount in circular motions on the face and let it dry for 4-5 minutes, wipe with a napkin and rinse the face, splashing water on it (30 to 50 times). If cedar flour is not at hand, then the sap should be applied to clean skin according to the usual cosmetic scheme in the form of warm oil compresses on the neck and face for 5-7 minutes, 2-3 times a week. After 2-3 procedures, you will feel the effect of the use of cedar balm. By the way, if you do not have acne and pimples on your face, then before applying the balm, read the corresponding section “Acne and pimples.” Acne and pimples. But eels, pimples ... Better not to go to the mirror, so as not to see all this horror on the face! And with nothing they tried to treat them, everything only gets worse! We will not explain that acne is the result of all the negative factors of urban life: vehicle emissions, toxic plant emissions, fine dust in the air, poisoned and hard water from a tap, "plastic" vegetables and fruits from the store, artificial cosmetics on the face, etc. d. etc. It is important to decide what to do next? Resin can help you in 90-95% of cases. To do this, wash your face with hot water in the bathroom until the pores on your face expand. After that, splash some cold water on your face. Allowed to scream with pleasure! Wash your face again with hot water and, after wiping your face with a towel, rub 5% of the turpentine oil dissolved in cedar oil into the clean wet skin. Try to keep the sap from falling into your charming eyes. Attention! When using resin, a sharp increase in the number of acne and pimples on the face is possible. This is due to the fact that cedar resin, speeds up the metabolism tenfold, and cedar oil starts the process of regeneration of new cells. All together, this leads to the fact that the internal inflammation of the skin begins to be actively pushed by the body onto its surface, filling the empty space with healthy cells. The result "on the face." Or on the face. J And if this happens, then you just need to continue treatment until all pimples and ulcers heal and disappear. If acne and pimples are the result of metabolic disorders of the subcutaneous layer (by the way, youth and girl acne also fall into this category), then in a month or two all the sores and inflammations will disappear from in

your face If they do not pass during this time, then the problem lies deeper - in the metabolic disorder of the whole organism. But do not worry! The cedar resin “Doctor Ruzaev” and cedar oil “Doctor Ruzaev” are able to cope with this. Every day, always in the morning, for 2-3 months, 0.5 teaspoon 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals, drink cedar oil! By the way, if you are a fan of more serious and decisive measures aimed at improving the entire body, then You should pay attention to the introduction to the diet of flax coarse flour "Doctor Ruzaev". Eyes: slap with cilia slap What to do if you have rare and short cilia? In the evening, for 2-3 hours, apply cedar oil on cilia or very carefully 5% cedar resin. And now you just need to pat them for a few minutes. It is allowed to think about the good. About the bad - it is impossible! You can look at your beloved man and, without ceasing to clap eyes, to think: well, what he is strong and amazing! If the One is not yet in your life, do not despair! After all, you can look in the mirror at yourself, and think so only about yourself, beloved! Is it not so? By the way, do not forget another advantage: since cedar oil does not freeze at a temperature of –35 ° C, you can safely go out into the frost in such cilia, “dressed” in cedar oil or turpentine. Do not be afraid, cilia do not stick together! And do not forget about the eyelids too. Lubricate them occasionally with cedar oil - delicate oil and delicate skin around your magic eyes - a pleasant couple for each other! Delicate and seductive lips Lips are one of the most expressive features of the face. Velvet lips emphasize the uniqueness of a smile and the mysterious appearance. The lips are extremely sensitive due to the large number of nerve endings. They lack sebaceous glands and melanin, and the epidermis in the labial tissues is extremely thin and has an incomplete set of layers. For these reasons, the lips are always marked by particular dryness and unusual skin pigmentation. Lips are vulnerable to seasonal changes in the weather, they are subjected to a heavy load in everyday life: they actively participate in conversation, in the process of eating and drinking. To keep your lips young, smooth and shiny, you need to take care of them daily. Every day, using a soft, moist toothbrush, massage your lips in a circular motion for a minute. This will increase their elasticity, as well as help to remove keratinized particles from them. Then rub 1-2 drops of cedar resin in the lips. Once a week, apply a layer of honey mixture with 5% cedar gum (1: 1) on the lips and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then the mixture must either be washed off with water. Rich in vitamins A and E, the Dr. Ruzaev complex of sap and cedar oil prevents peeling and small cracks in the lips, relieves them from "jam" in the corners of the mouth. Moisturizing lips balm makes them soft, natural and attractive. Resin cedar is not an obstacle for decorative cosmetics. Within 5-10 minutes, it is completely absorbed into the lips, and you can safely apply lipstick - it will not spread and will not roll down. By the way, sometimes trouble may come to our delicious lips. Herpes! Well, without waiting for the seal to come out on the surface of the lip, attach a cotton swab or bandage to the lip at the place of the resulting seal for 20–25 minutes soaked in 25% cedar gum, or simply rub a 25% resin into the affected area. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 hours. If the case is not running, then the seal is resolved without causing the appearance of a sore. Healthy teeth. If you do not want to visit your dentist anymore, you can do the following procedure every day. After brushing your teeth with a simple toothbrush and a simple toothpaste, rinse your mouth with water and put a drop of 5% cedar gum on the brush. Brush your teeth again, then rinse your mouth. Such a procedure, repeated 3-4 times a week, will relieve you forever of toothache, gingivitis, periodontal disease I - II degree, periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, etc. Is it that bad? After all, your charming and open smile is worth it! Yes, about the already existing periodontal disease. In this case, you will need to brush your teeth twice a day for 5-6 months. What did you want? It was not necessary to start the disease ... Be patient! So what if you smell like a cedar cone? But you will be healthier! Removal of decorative cosmeticsDo you use special means for removing makeup? Another eye shadow remover? Or lipstick? Well, you may be surprised and not to believe, but Doctor Ruzaev cedar oil copes well with this task. Do not believe? Check it out! Especially since you can make sure of it very quickly! Dampen a cotton swab in cedar oil (you can also use 5% sap of cedar and wipe out the places where make-up is applied. Smile yourself in the mirror. Why? Well, then how! You are not they just took off the decoration, but they also made a gift to their skin - they “anointed” it with cedar strength and energy, and your skin is very sensitive to such gifts,

and therefore he will thank you in full too! HaircareHair, hair ... This is a real miracle that God invented in order to admire a large number of people, especially his male part. The hair of her beautiful waterfall, Flowed over her shoulders, breasts, glittering with the Fire of inconceivable magic, Attracting with beauty attracting ... But what do women not do to destroy this miracle: they lacquer them, make a perm, chemistry, dye, shine, lose weight beyond measure, etc. And the hair begins to take revenge and “revenging” them is very scary - they start to fall out in large numbers, become thin, faded, unhealthy, brittle, with split ends ... Well, what else can you say if your hair is arguing with a bunch of grass, which of them owns the right to be called straw? It is not always possible to see the connection between slimming and thinning hair, but everything is clear here: the adipose tissue of a woman is not just fat, but an organ that performs a hormonal function. If a woman loses 10% of body weight, not suffering from obesity, and striving only for Hollywood forms, then this leads to a protein deficiency and an imbalance of minerals. As a result, thin hair and split nails become companions of a graceful figure. But what to do if the hair is already what it is - sick and tortured? It turns out that they can be cured! Before washing your hair, and even more so if your hair is colored, make a ten-minute massage of the scalp. To do this, use your fingertips in a circular motion to move the scalp, while rubbing 5% of the cedar resin into it. After the massage, wipe the hair with the fiber along the entire length, sorting it out along small strands. To get the oil absorbed better, rub your hands over your hair over the steam. After 20 minutes, you can wash your head. If your hair is dry, brittle, split and split at the ends, then rub additional 5% into the ends of the hair after washing. Cedar oil “Doctor Ruzaev” gently and carefully cares for hair, making it more docile, soft, with a natural shine, restores the hair structure, smoothes and smoothes the surface of the hair, prevents tangling and facilitates combing. And the cedar sap accelerates the processes of cell renewal at once along the entire length of the hair, and this makes it possible to improve the hair much faster than if they had grown back. By the way, the sap of the cedar moisturizes and nourishes the scalp. Stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation in the skin of the head, which additionally leads to an increase in the viability of the hair. Protects against weathering. Regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, relieves dandruff, relieves irritation and itching. Treat your hair for 10-15 procedures (1.5-2 months) in this way and you will not recognize your hair - the effect will be amazing! After that, you definitely give away or throw away all your super folded foreign and domestic shampoos, balms, conditioners, varnishes, etc. Leave only the simplest and most inexpensive shampoo to keep your hair clean. Everything else will do for you cedar sap (when treating hair) or simple cedar oil (after treatment). To heighten the effect, we recommend including cedar oil (0.5 teaspoon 30 minutes before a meal) in your morning diet, which your hair will be very happy , as it contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, which they lack so much! Swan neckYes, yes. It is the neck that gives the age of the woman. What to hide, the skin of the neck gets old quickly, if you do not take care of it. But very often, focusing on the face, we forget about the neck, which is simply not forgivable! Pay attention to how you sit, how you walk, on which pillow you sleep. Do you wash your neck for the night as well as your face? Or maybe you wash it only when you take a shower or bath? Disorder! Your neck, due to the fact that it connects your amazing head with an equally amazing body, takes on a large load, helping your eyes move easily in space and have time to notice the most important and important things around you. Therefore, the skin on the neck is more quickly covered with small wrinkles and microsites, which become more and more noticeable with age. So why not help your swan neck to be in good shape all the time? Or you are not the mistress of your own beautiful neck? Prepare a small lotion, which can then be stored in the refrigerator: mix egg juice with one lemon or orange juice, add a tablespoon of vodka and 5 tablespoons of 5% cedar. Mix well and pour into a glass jar, with a tight-fitting lid. Take a cotton swab, put 5-10 drops of lotion on it and apply it on the skin of the neck. Walk like this for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse everything with warm water from the bottom up and rub 100% cedar oil into the neck. After such procedures, your neck will serve your body for a long time, proudly carrying your smart and beautiful head through the years! These gentle hands Every day we use dishwashing detergents, washing powders, 

gels and pastes for tile and sanitary ware. Our hands are scorching the sun, chilling frost and blowing a dusty wind. And as a result of all this - dryness, red spots, cracks, wrinkles, impaired blood circulation. But despite this, every woman wants to have beautiful, elegant hands. How to achieve the desired, spending a minimum of time? How to protect your hands? Immerse your hands in hot water. Hold for a bit. Then lower in the cold. Flinch! Back in the hot. And in the cold. In the hot ... Stop-stop! Enough! Do not get carried away! With a soft towel, wipe your delicate hands and rub 5% of the cedar resin. It is rubbed with movements as if the gloves are tightening, that is, from the tips of the fingers to their base and then all over the palm with one hand or the other. After rubbing the resin, massage is performed by stroking, rubbing and kneading the hands. The best way to do this procedure is in the morning. And by the way, in the evening, before bedtime. And in general, do it as soon as you can, it is useful! With existing cracks at your fingertips, you need to rub 25% of cedar resin into the night and put on your grandmother's mittens or cotton gloves. Spend the night in them. It is allowed to scare your beloved man with your appearance ... Already at the end of the week your hands will again become soft, tender, giving their caresses. And even at the age of 45 it will be impossible to determine the age from your hands! The rule of beautiful nails is Oh, these lacquer fingers! ... Have you ever read what varnish or varnish remover consists of? And in vain, ask once. Even the assurance that the product does not contain acetone does not yet mean anything. Imagine how active the liquid must be to dissolve the nitrocellulose and synthetic resins contained in varnishes. And dissolving the resin, these tools simultaneously degrease and dehydrate the nail plate. And the nails become brittle, fragile, stratified, bringing their mistress a lot of trouble. How can you get rid of it? In fact - just! Unless, of course, you have a 5% or better still 25% solution of cedar resin. Rub cedar balsam into nails daily and many times. They will not get worse from this! But the best - definitely! Already as your nails grow, you really, with your own eyes, will see the border on your nails - before and after applying the resin! If your nails are ribbed, uneven or with vycherblina, then the new growing nail is straight, smooth and, most surprisingly, it has a beautiful pearlescent shine. And so that there is a feeling like a nail covered with varnish. But, as you understand, it is not a varnish. Cedar resin, starting the process of regeneration of new cells, just does its job - it returns to your nails their natural state from birth. That's the whole secret. Elbows, knees, heelsWhat if you have dry skin on your elbows, knees or underwire? Of course, you guessed it! Yes, you just need to grease them with sap. It is likely that ordinary cedar oil will be enough. After all, the dryness of the skin in these places just arises from the fact that it is constantly wrinkled there, compressed, unclenched, crushed. Therefore, for its recovery, it constantly needs nutrients that are not very successfully supplied by the body due to the thinness of the skin. But why not help him? The cedar oil “Doctor Ruzaev” just contains “building blocks” in the form of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, E. They will help the skin in such places quickly return to its natural state - baby skin. Grease or oil your knees, elbows and iron them, iron, iron. You can close your eyes and dream of a sunny beach on the sea ... Foot care You can take care of your feet according to the usual cosmetic scheme, but instead of using different means for the first time, use 5-25% sap, and then 100% cedar oil. Immediately after a shower, cold or warm, rub cedar oil over the entire length of the legs. And rub in until the skin is able to absorb it. And you are able to rub in ... And if you are no longer able to - ask your beloved man ... And if there are microcracks on your beautiful heels, then there is a good recipe to get rid of them. Mix 50% sap with honey (1: 1), soak a gauze napkin with this mixture and put it on the cracks of the heels, cover it with cellophane on top and close with a bandage. Change dressings 2 times a day. The procedure is repeated 4-5 days. If suddenly the dryness of the skin on the heels increases, then use 25% sap - the skin on your heels is so much dehydrated that it perceives sap as a gift from heaven. Do not deny your heels in this pleasure - lubricate them until they absorb everything. Win cellulite Cellulite is a metabolic disorder in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, the intercellular space is clogged with excess fat, water and excretion products. Therefore, all programs are aimed at one thing - to eliminate stagnation, increase vascular tone, strengthen muscles, improve metabolism and, of course, destroy the accumulations of altered fat

cells. Sweet girls came up with a great way to combat cellulite: during the shower, the body is rubbed with a hard washcloth or brush, then 25% of the resin is rubbed into the appropriate places and wrapped in cellophane and a blanket for 20-30 minutes. Drink 2-4 glasses of water, the more the better. Massage improves lymphatic flow and blood microcirculation, helps break cells compressed into the reservoir. Resin with cedar oil penetrates deep into the skin, accelerating metabolism at the cellular level by tens of times. Due to the enhanced supply of cells with oxygen, the fat cells disturbed by the massage are burned and removed from the body along with other slags and toxins, blood and sweat. That is why you need to drink so much water. Resin completes the treatment, starting the process of regeneration of new cells that can maintain a balance in metabolism, which in the future does not allow the emergence of excess fat and other excretion products in the intercellular space. For the first 15 days massage and rubbing of cedar oil with cedar oil into the skin day. Then move on once a day. Do not forget that the morning procedure is three to four times more effective than the evening one! The body volume after 3-6 weeks is reduced by 3-5 centimeters, the elasticity and elasticity of the skin increases. For those who want to get a more powerful effect, it is best to exclude cigarettes from their life, as well as coffee, cola, sprite and similar drinks with artificial additives. All this is not natural, toxic and is perceived by the body as foreign substances, which, anyway, end up in your cellulite, intercellular deposits. There are limitations in this procedure: do not use a warming blanket for varicose veins, do not “warm” the pelvic area for gynecological diseases DepilationAfter depilating hair on legs and other parts of your beautiful body, in order to avoid irritation, lubricate the treated places with 5-15% zhivytsa. This will especially help those with very sensitive or allergic skin. Almost immediately, itching and redness of the skin will disappear. If you also take into account that sap is a powerful bactericidal and antiseptic agent, then it simply does not have a price. Cedar oil and turpentine "Dr. Ruzaev" effectively soften the skin and quickly restore its protective function. So many useful things in one bottle! By the way, advise your favorite men to use cedar oil or 5% sap after shaving. They will be very grateful to you! And it will be much more pleasant for you to touch their cheek with their soft skin, to embrace and kiss ... Sunbathe on health! Sea ... Finally! Vacation Beach. Hot sand. The sun ... Wow, the sun! Hot, what! Scorching ... What to do? How to be? Cosmetologists advise those who are going on vacation to the sea: “Be sure to use creams and gels with antioxidants. Choose products with active ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamins A and E ... be sure to use good moisturizing and revitalizing creams - for example, with vitamin E or group B vitamins ... ”But if you carefully read the general information about His Majesty Cedar, you noticed that the sap divorced in cedar oil, combining the oil and sap, contains all the above substances - vitamins A, B, C and E! And if you also take into account that it is a direct remedy against burns, frostbite and various types of open and closed wounds, it turns out that a trip to the south without turpentine and cedar oil is just a crime! Healing takes place at an incredible speed, therefore your bruises, bruises and Abrasions are treated just with a bang. God forbid, having burned something, burn gum on yourself! Lubricate the burn site with 5% resin and be surprised: within a few seconds the pain will disappear, and after 5-7 days (continuing to smear), there will be no terrible scar from your burn! (For more serious burns, but without blisters! Use a large concentration of sap - 25, 50 or 100 percent.) So, if you are going to the south, empty your travel bag from various medicines and creams. Take Dr. Buza and cedar oil with you and this will help you much more effectively in many situations. For children: brothers and sisters You have already helped yourself. But you or your relatives probably have younger brothers and little sisters? And they can also be helped! If they have a high temperature, then rub their hands and feet with a 5% dilution of turpentine in cedar oil, and the temperature will drop. If they have a runny nose or a sore throat, do a hot inhalation - 5 drops of 25% of the turpentine per 500 ml of water. If you still need to bring the child out of the cold, grease the nose with 5% of the resin, this will protect it. If the brother or sister coughs, then it is necessary to massage the larynx with cedar oil or 5% cedar resin. Resolution of doubts Of course, such a wide range of use of cedar resin is doubtful and distrustful. What are they caused by? First of all, a large number of modern decorative tools to solve individual cosmetic problems. Remember the beginning of our book? These endless gels, varnishes, shampoos, lipsticks, creams, mousses, milks, etc. KaEach of which solves only its narrow task. And so, when in your hands there appears one and only means capable of solving many cosmetic problems, you have a doubt - I do not believe it! Yes, do not believe ... Nobody forbids this! But no one bothers you to check the effectiveness of the cedar sap "Doctor Ruzaev" and cedar oil "Doctor Ruzaev", for example, on your hands, nails, hair, acne or skin? See the result of the use of turpentine in burns, wounds, bruises? .. Some oddity is noticed: the sap immediately helps those who absolutely do not believe in it, and those who believe in it without a doubt. For those who “neither there nor here” she still helps, except that she is only aware of this person over time, suddenly noticing with surprise that he, it turns out, has stopped being ill. Therefore, there is no point in convincing you of something. In our modern age, it is not difficult for you, for example, to access the Internet, find and independently study materials on cedar resin and cedar oil. Read it. And even better - try it! After all, the quality of the product is also not the same. For our products, we are calm, we constantly use and use ourselves. And you will only have to decide: to continue to use artificial chemistry and a lot, or to use turpentine balsam and only one. The best way to check is to try it for yourself.

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