• Khvoynyy ekstrakt s siropom topinambura

Coniferous extract from young shoots of cedar and fir 200 ml.

Collection of raw materials in the Krasnoyarsk taiga.

From this video you will learn how to collect raw materials for the products of HealthySmile

Coniferous EXTRACT (from young sprouts) CEDAR and FIR with Jerusalem artichoke syrup (without sugar).

EXTRACT FROM CEDAR and FIR is pleasantly drunk, diluted with water and reminiscent of a coffee drink, and after ingestion of an un diluted syrup, the taste of chocolate remains. Full of vital energy is rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins, especially “C”, easily absorbed by the body. Inulin gives nutrition to the immune system. Recommended in the spring and autumn period, in the period of illness, with vitamin deficiency.

Recommended for daily use in children, for normalizing activity, enhancing immunity, reducing the pressure of the outside world and calming the nervous system.

Unique immune remedy. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It improves the body's metabolic processes, cleanses the lymph, blood, which leads to the normalization of body weight.

Liver and kidney diseases.

Reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections. It is a natural pribiotic.

Respiratory (bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis ...)

Suppresses the putrefactive flora, removes from the body toxins, poisons and toxins. Removes hangover. Disinfects the digestive tract, eliminates intestinal polyps. Removes heartburn, restores acid-base balance, promotes accelerated healing of gastric ulcers, any stage of gastritis.

Useful for women during pregnancy and lactation. An effective remedy for colic and bloating in newborns.

Contributes to: accelerated adhesion of bones, the withdrawal of salts, the health of the skin. Reduces blood sugar in diabetics.

It is recommended in a joint reception with plant poisons and antibiotics, effectively relieves intoxication.

It is very beneficial to use the extract with a strong slagging of the body, with ENT diseases (sinusitis, otitis, angina ...).

Reception 1/2 teaspoon per cup of warm water. Drink three times a day 30 minutes before meals for the first two days. Then the concentration and frequency of reception can be increased. From 400 gr. an average of 30 liters. Wellness drink.

Store in tightly closed containers. Shelf-life Unlimited.

Improving coffee with milk: a glass of warm water, a teaspoon of pine extract, 3-4 liters. vegetable cream. Or instead of water, milk from nuts, seeds, cedar, hazelnut, sesame, oats, etc. Full complex of vitamins from nature.

Store in tightly closed containers.

Ingredients: young shoots of cedar and fir, water, Jerusalem artichoke syrup.

There are no contraindications.



This is what awaits those who regularly drink CONIFEROUS EXTRACT

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Khvoynyy ekstrakt s siropom topinambura

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